Set on the fictional island of Sauvellakalorra in the not-so-distant future, the Bow of Anu finds a rogue team of corporate tomb robbers poised to plunder an untouched (and potentially lucrative) ancient burial site. What (and who) they discover is unexpected and well beyond their ability to understand. As they and their company bosses race to uncover the secrets upon which they have stumbled, members of an unknown organization--claiming ownership of the island--work to slow or stop them from unravelling a dangerous truth.

[Excerpt:] When Team Leader Tanisha Watkins led her people int the dark cavern, it was with a great deal of caution. The path to the central altar (which she ardently believed held any number of sacrificial victims and the gold that would be buried with them) was filled with those nasty stones. Her group had spent three days shearing them of their stinging needles, hauling them to the surface, clearing a narrow path into the pit. So intent was Tanisha’s focus that, until the last moment, she failed to notice the beautiful young black woman sitting in a folding aluminum camp chair beside the pile of bones, sipping a cup of coffee. In a split second her mind registered a variety of irrelevant bits of data: the woman was not only beautiful, she was beyond beautiful; her hair was perfect; her skin was perfect; she was wearing makeup (a luxury the women on her team had forgotten about for the past several days); and her clothes were clean and pressed (another stark contrast to her own crew of bums). Totally disconcerted, Watkins shouted angrily, “Who the hell are you?!!!”

"Fast-paced and thrilling, this book is part Tomb Raider, part Ocean's 8, all awesome adventure! 
Highly recommended for fans of Dan Brown's work, Michael Crichton's work, and Gillian Flynn - for so many reasons ... you'll see." (Reedsy)


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